Thursday, May 4, 2017

Victor Demarchelier

Another Vogue photographer who has snatched my heart
(^This one is my favorite)

Sebastian Kim

I fell in love with these fashion shots the moment I saw them


I thought I would also make a post dedicated to the images that have inspired me even when I can't find the photographer.
Everyone knows I've gotten into kpop, but it's actually influenced my art quite a bit. I fell in love with the art style and fashion that goes into the Korean idol image, and I can't stand not showing them.
Since I haven't been able to trace the images back to a photographer, I'll put the names of the people or group that are in the photos.
Min Yoongi
Park Jimin, Min Yoongi
Kim Namjoon
Kim Taehyung
G Dragon/ Kwon Jiyong
Monsta x (Not sure which member)
Wonho/Lee Hoseok (I actually have a print of this one)

Julia Busato

Photography about body image and empowerment

Christopher McKenney

Andrés Serrano

I'm in love with this photographer. They go and photograph people in the morgue and document how they died. The work is extremely controversial, but personally I love it. People have a hard time coming to terms with death and they like to live in a world where they don't have to see it, but this sort of shoves it in their face and forces them to face reality.
Blood transfusion resulting in AIDS for the patient
Asphyxia due to pneumonia
Jane Doe killed by police
Killed by four Great Danes
Suicide with rat poison

Craig P Burrows

This is particularly interesting because he uses photography to capture the invisible light that's emitted by plants.
This is how I found him, though I love all of his other work as well.